State of the Barista Training Facility

March 9th, 2010

The Ivy League Barista Academy has recently opened the doors of its new, state of the art, training facility in San Diego, California. As the only barista training facility of its kind in San Diego, ILBA aspires to become an asset to the coffee community with its excellent selection of coffee training programs. So much of a coffee businesses success weighs on a baristas ability to effectively and efficiently provide its customers with the highest possible level of product and customer service. The barista is the face of any coffee business and although your customer will gain many different impressions of your coffee business based on a number of observations, the barista behind the counter will have the biggest impact. In the coffee industry today we can witness a lack of standards and consistency across the country. Where we could once expect friendly and knowledgeable caffeinated customer service, we all too often today find slow and substandard quality. That is why ILBA is raising the bar for coffee baristas across the country.

Ivy League Barista Academy seeks to reform and revolutionize the coffee industry to a level of excellence beyond today’s standards. ILBA offers a wide array of informative courses that range in substance and length. For everyone from baristas, to business owners, ILBA teaches the most important skills and techniques in barista training and coffee business operations. With an expert team that has started over 550 coffee businesses worldwide ILBA is proud to be serving the coffee industry by preserving its quality and integrity.

 Coffee Barista Training

Starting Your Coffee Business Off Right

February 19th, 2010

Starting a business can be a daunting task, filled with trials and tribulations that one rarely ever sees coming. When starting a coffee business there are three main aspects that have to work harmoniously with one another for a coffee business to be successful. Every business is expected to have high quality coffee products in order to concoct the delicious beverages that will catapult your business to success. You want your customers to take one sip of your drink and remember you business, establishing a solid clientele base. As is true with most aspects of starting a business, the supply side is more complicated than it seems. Simply buying the correct mixes, sauces and whole bean coffees is not enough to insure your new business thrives. You need to know how to use the products and the best ways to combine them to maximize the flavor potential of each item on your menu. This brings us to the next crucial aspect of a coffee business, which is training.

The careful detail that a skilled barista puts into each beverage lets the customer know that their business is appreciated. Whether you are a coffee barista, business owner or manager it is important that your new business benefits from the professional knowledge and experience of specialists within the industry. This insures that each member of your staff is endowed with a refined and tested knowledge of the coffee industry, all the way from making the perfect latte to maximizing efficiency and profits. Your ability to provide your customers with an excellent café experience is vital to the success of any coffee shop, kiosk or cart.

Once you have trained professional baristas, able to work comfortably and diligently with the wide variety of premium coffee products, carefully hand selected and test by you, the owner, you need a setting to exert your new found coffee expertise and prove yourself a skilled coffee business owner. At this point you must decide what setting suits you and your location best, be it a coffee cart, kiosk, drive-thru or cafe. The experts at CoffeeCartBiz will not only work with you on selecting a suitable establishment, but can also provide you with the supplies and training you need to be successful. Those who purchase a coffee cart from CoffeeCartBiz recieve a professional Four Day Advanced Barista Training course through the Ivy League Barista Academy, as well as $1,000 worth of opening inventory through Coffee Supply Inc. This all inclusive started package through CoffeeCartBiz addresses the three main aspects to a successful coffee business; supply, training and location. This recipe for success costs only $15,999 has everything you need Coffee Cart Starter Packageto start you own coffee business off right. On the grand opening of your new coffee business you will be confident and ready because you will have received professional training and certification through the Ivy League Barista Academy where you will have tested and tried different coffee products and mixes from an array of high quality custom products from around the world. All this tested business practice when combined with a quality custom coffee cart from CoffeeCartBiz will put any business owner well on their way to success.

Burned by Cuppy’s?

September 18th, 2008

p1010207.JPGIf you are one of the many unfortunate people that can answer “yes” to this question, PLEASE read further. We here at Coffee Cart Biz, Inc. and Advanced-Fabrication would like you to know that you still have options. We also understand that you probably will have a hard time trusting a new company, and it is for this reason that we would like the opportunity to earn your business. Some of you may have heard of Coffee Cart Biz, Inc. We are the company that originally designed and built the espresso cart and kiosk options that were offered by Cuppy’s/Elite Manufacturing, and believe it or not, we were burned by them too. They basically used our design illegally and then began building the carts and kiosks themselves – very poorly, I might add. We want to make one thing abundantly clear- we ARE NOT affiliated with Cuppy’s Coffee/Elite Manufacturing in ANY way. We were a “Preferred Builder” for Cuppy’s Coffee for a short time until our design was illegally used, and that was the extent of our relationship.

Coffee Cart Biz, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom espresso carts and kiosks and its sister company Advanced-Fabrication offers design and layout, as well as fabrication services for drive-thrus, and cafés, and concession trailers. Both companies offer an economical alternative to franchising, through their products and consulting programs. Many of you may have decided to business with a franchise because the products, systems, and training were all in place. Coffee Cart Biz, Inc. and Advanced-Fabrication offer all the same services of a franchise, but we offer our services a’ la carte so we HAVE to earn your business along the way. We will help you develop your business from concept to grand opening and everything in between – and best of all – there are NO FRANCHISE FEES OR ROYALTIES to pay! Here are some of the products and services that we offer:

  • Location Selection Assistance and Lease Negotiation
  • Business Plan Consulting
  • Branding Your Concept (Marketing)
  • Project Management
  • Barista Training
  • Equipment
  • Product
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Grand Opening Consulting

For more information, visit our websites at or

3 Compartment Sink Meeting

June 2nd, 2008

By Jim Juliano 4/15/08

On April 9, 2008, a California state senate subcommittee meeting was held at the offices of the Orange County Department of Environmental Health. The subject being discussed at this meeting was the 3 compartment sink, or “warewashing” sink as it is referred to in the California Retail Food Code, and its requirement with regards to mobile food facilities. The subcommittee was going to take the findings from this meeting and present them at a Coalition meeting in Sacramento the following day to possibly amend the CFRC. There were representatives from County health departments from all over the state, current and potential cart business owners, and representatives of manufacturing companies that specialize in cart construction in attendance.

Some of the key points that were touched on at the meeting:

  • When is a 3 compartment sink required?
  • Where does it have to be?
  • Number of sinks required for multi-unit configurations.
  • When are enclosures required?
  • Possible amendments to the CFRC

A good amount of time was dedicated to proposing the addition of some clarifying language to the code that is more specific to the operation of coffee/espresso carts. While the health department officials lobbied on one side of the room to keep the code vague and non-descript, the people being affected by this law voiced their request for more specific classification. Whether the health department people want to look at it this way or not, coffee carts are included in the same classification as catering trucks, ice cream trucks, hot dog and popcorn carts. These are all “Mobile Food Facilities” and since they are just that (mobile), they are permitted to operate anywhere within the jurisdiction of their county.

The findings of the committee were that anytime Milk is used in the preparation of coffee/espresso drinks, whether hot or iced/blended, there is a “Potentially Hazardous Food” present, so a 3 compartment sink is required to sterilize the utensils that come in contact with the milk. Those utensils can be the frothing pitcher, the whisk, or the blender. It was the intention of the committee to introduce a new subdivision to the CFRC that specifically stated when brewed espresso, tea, or coffee were served, no 3 compartment sink was necessary.

There is another subcommittee meeting scheduled for later this year, to pick up where this meeting left off on this subject. A particularly intriguing topic that was discussed at the end of this meeting that will receive further attention at the next meeting was the notion of drafting a section specific to beverage based cart businesses. Either way, any changes or amendments that the Sacramento Coalition agrees on wouldn’t be put into law until January 1, 2009. So until then, the 3 compartment sinks are here to stay in California.

Coffee Cart Biz Inc offers Barista Training

March 4th, 2008

By: Jim Juliano

There are many aspects to a new coffee business that will determine your success or failure. One of the key aspects is the knowledge and experience of your barista. But what do you do if you have all the elements in place to run a successful coffee business, except the Master Barista?

Coffee Cart Biz Inc. has created a comprehensive training course to develop each business owner into a master barista. This course is perfect for the individual whose knowledge of coffee stops at what kind they like to drink.The Master Barista Package consists of three eight- hour training days going over a variety of disciplines in drink preparation and system building. The Master Barista Package is a hands-on training course with an informational packet focusing on the key points listed below for the business owner or employee of the coffee business. The majority of material will be provided hands on with the assistance of training material.


  • Competition pricing evaluation
  • Price breaks with reference to profit per drink
  • Product variety
  • Variety in product sizes
  • Special promotions
  • Torani Syrup variety
  • Pastry goods suppliers

Drink Preparation:

  • Consistency in drink preparation
  • Quality control
  • Proper cleaning and sanitizing

System Building:

  • Employee training
  • Par ordering system
  • Daily cash systems
  • Drop box systems


  • Origin of the coffee bean
  • Different regions with reference to taste
  • Mild and dark roast comparisons
  • Roasting
  • Quality in storage and transportation
  • Product wasting procedures
  • Consistent bean storage systems

Espresso Grinder:

  • Grinder adjustments, functions and settings
  • Espresso shot with reference to humidity, dosing, timing and temperature
  • Maintenance and cleaning

Espresso Machine:

  • Setting adjustments
  • Proper espresso extraction techniques
  • The shot with reference to heart, body and crema
  • Maintenance and cleaning