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Coffee Cart Biz Inc offers Barista Training

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

By: Jim Juliano

There are many aspects to a new coffee business that will determine your success or failure. One of the key aspects is the knowledge and experience of your barista. But what do you do if you have all the elements in place to run a successful coffee business, except the Master Barista?

Coffee Cart Biz Inc. has created a comprehensive training course to develop each business owner into a master barista. This course is perfect for the individual whose knowledge of coffee stops at what kind they like to drink.The Master Barista Package consists of three eight- hour training days going over a variety of disciplines in drink preparation and system building. The Master Barista Package is a hands-on training course with an informational packet focusing on the key points listed below for the business owner or employee of the coffee business. The majority of material will be provided hands on with the assistance of training material.


  • Competition pricing evaluation
  • Price breaks with reference to profit per drink
  • Product variety
  • Variety in product sizes
  • Special promotions
  • Torani Syrup variety
  • Pastry goods suppliers

Drink Preparation:

  • Consistency in drink preparation
  • Quality control
  • Proper cleaning and sanitizing

System Building:

  • Employee training
  • Par ordering system
  • Daily cash systems
  • Drop box systems


  • Origin of the coffee bean
  • Different regions with reference to taste
  • Mild and dark roast comparisons
  • Roasting
  • Quality in storage and transportation
  • Product wasting procedures
  • Consistent bean storage systems

Espresso Grinder:

  • Grinder adjustments, functions and settings
  • Espresso shot with reference to humidity, dosing, timing and temperature
  • Maintenance and cleaning

Espresso Machine:

  • Setting adjustments
  • Proper espresso extraction techniques
  • The shot with reference to heart, body and crema
  • Maintenance and cleaning