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State of the Barista Training Facility

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

The Ivy League Barista Academy has recently opened the doors of its new, state of the art, training facility in San Diego, California. As the only barista training facility of its kind in San Diego, ILBA aspires to become an asset to the coffee community with its excellent selection of coffee training programs. So much of a coffee businesses success weighs on a baristas ability to effectively and efficiently provide its customers with the highest possible level of product and customer service. The barista is the face of any coffee business and although your customer will gain many different impressions of your coffee business based on a number of observations, the barista behind the counter will have the biggest impact. In the coffee industry today we can witness a lack of standards and consistency across the country. Where we could once expect friendly and knowledgeable caffeinated customer service, we all too often today find slow and substandard quality. That is why ILBA is raising the bar for coffee baristas across the country.

Ivy League Barista Academy seeks to reform and revolutionize the coffee industry to a level of excellence beyond today’s standards. ILBA offers a wide array of informative courses that range in substance and length. For everyone from baristas, to business owners, ILBA teaches the most important skills and techniques in barista training and coffee business operations. With an expert team that has started over 550 coffee businesses worldwide ILBA is proud to be serving the coffee industry by preserving its quality and integrity.

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